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Dr. Barry Miller is a leading Honolulu surgeon, treating overweight and obese patients for over 30 years. In his late 50's he returned to the leanest body type he had since a teenager after the "10DayCure." Davis and Dr. Miller went to hospitals to test body fat measurement and none of the methods were accurate. This is why diets fail us!
"The Lean Gene Diet is a very effective approach. I used it myself for 10 days and lost 11 pounds of pure body fat with no aerobic exercise. I recommend it to my patients.” Dr. Miller was not aware other diets caused muscle loss!

Dr. Dana Myatt
Dr. Dana Myatt
Dr. Dana Myatt has been reversing stage four carcinomas in her patients for over 10 years using a regimen similar to the “Lean Gene Diet.” Overweight patients average 5 pounds of body fat loss per week and are able to maintain it with extremely low rates of recidivism (weight return). Dr. Myatt also designed a very nutrient-rich healing diet.
** ** “I thoroughly read and reviewed the papers and thesis explaining the Lean Gene Diet and find it to be a safe and practical approach that will work rapidly in even the most overweight and resistant patients.” See Dr. Myatt's own body fat loss here. She too believes in losing body fat rapidly. Visit her website and huge, growing fan club here.

Mark Zieman, RN, a registered nurse, working with overweight and obese patients for over 20 years incorporates similar diet practices with his patients.
Mark Zieman
“The Lean Gene Diet is quite unorthodox and will be roundly rebuked, but a similar approach has worked for thousands of our patients with dramatic improvements in health. As a formerly overweight person myself, I can tell you these methods are superior to all of the popular diets."
Try the 10 Day Cure today and find out how easy, safe, fun and healthy it is to lose only body fat, so very rapidly.
In only one day you can be well on your way to a new life, lean, healthy and full of energy.