One pound per day is unrealistic and unsustainable. The reason is; body fat is very light. The only way to lose one pound per day, long term, is with muscle and water loss. We did have subjects losing 10 pounds of body fat in 10 days, but the regular Lean Gene Diet is super fast! 3-5 pounds per week of body fat loss is virtually never seen,  or accomplished, on any diet. We tested body fat, body weight and body water to know what was being lost. Diet subjects were not only losing body fat at a higher rate than ever before, but they were gaining lean body mass.

The appearance change was even more dramatic! The "Lean Gene Diet" and "10 Day Cure" actually make appearance change faster than even the most radical diets but because only body fat is lost you look younger. Both plans are based on a completely new theory. The theory: "Lean Genes" evolved in virtually all mammal species, including humans, to actually enforce a lean body type.

Because insulin sensitivity is restored quickly, the body simply discontinues storing body fat. Because of the new regimen called STAR, which requires only five minutes per day and re-awakens "Lean Genes" functionality, the appetite is reduced greatly so food is far less desirable.

In the new book "Lean Genes" you will learn why it is much safer and healthier to lose body fat rapidly versus slowly. The new theory of "Lean Genes" describes the early evolution of brain mechanisms that made muscle loss intolerable. This is why diets do not work, too much muscle is lost instead of body fat. As soon as we reduce calories, the body actually uses its own muscle for food.

Virtually every popular diet will fail. Just look around. The primary reason is that they all cause muscle loss as does stress, aerobic exercise, strenuous weight training and many other common protocols. The "Lean Gene Diet" along with the STAR regimen reverses this and only body fat is lost, so intense hunger does not return and we will not re-gain lost body fat. Using the "10 Day Cure" to speed body fat loss to even one pound per day on some days is not uncomfortable, as long as strenuous exercise and aerobics are avoided, until lean again.

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 There are actually two basic plans described in the book "Lean Genes." One brings about very rapid loss of 3-5 pounds per week of body fat and the "10 Day Cure" brings up to one pound per day for days at a time. That is based on losing glycogen stores, body water and body fat. Some dieters used both plans to get slim and super lean faster.

However, on the basic "Lean Gene Diet" there is no calorie limit. Eat as much as you like at any meal, anytime. The difference is we choose food groups that raise energy and satisfy for many hours. We also increase fluid intake.

Weight loss professionals claim it is dangerous to lose weight rapidly and that it will always return. But with the "Lean Gene Diet" we never use the term "weight loss" because "weight loss" is what is wrong with all Western dieting methods. The weight one loses is often mostly muscle or lean body mass and not body fat. Body fat loss is actually safer if it is done very rapidly. The beauty of the "Lean Gene Diet" and "10 Day Cure" is that people stay excited and encouraged because there are no plateaus, and no moodiness, anxiety, hunger, depression or irritability: because muscle or lean body mass are being maintained!

Read about a medical doctor and surgeon in "Medical Testimonials" for just one example. This well-known surgeon became lean again after fighting his excess weight for over 20 years. He used the rapid version of the "Lean Gene Diet" and lost 11 pounds of body fat in only 10 days. Yet, he did not lose any lean body mass. We actually measured his body fat and muscle throughout the process.

No exercise was required although the doctor did continue his normal calisthenics. His results can be repeated by you or anyone, regardless of age or weight, as long as you can throw away all previously held beliefs about dieting/health.

Time and time again though we urge clients: "be good to yourself and eat all you want of the right foods and you will see faster results and a return to vibrant health and youth like you never imagined was ever possible again.

One pound per day is a great achievement but only if it is all body fat, not muscle or lean body mass. We proved it!

Ignore weight loss advice that says you can never be lean again. Don't just lose weight, lose only body fat and become lean!