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The book "LEAN GENES" is breakthrough!
The theory of "Lean Genes" explains why humans first developed extra body fat and how to release the brain's protection of excess body fat. Herd animals in nature carry about 4% of their weight as body fat. Even "very lean" humans can go months without food because body fat was meant to supply full energy without danger when food was not available. Early in evolution even 11-14% body fat, which was very lean, allowed months of survival with little food. For lean women, 15-22% of their weight was body fat which was sufficient even when bearing children and allowed months of nourishment with little food.
Today overweight women carry 50% of their weight and more as body fat. Body fat deposits everywhere inside organs, skin and cells and compresses internal functions until we malfunction or generate a disease.
The science of "Lean Genes" explains how infants naturally gain body fat and then release it because of "lean genes" which reduce appetite. Parents turn these genes off and prevent natural slimness by high insulin producing diets. To turn "Lean Genes" back on this needs to be reversed so we can use up excess body fat rapidly. Humans were meant to be lean. 

There have been more than 2,000 animal studies on longevity since the 1930’s. Humans completely rejuvenate during periods of extreme caloric restriction.  The discovery of “Lean Genes” explains for the first time how early humans were able to feel completely satisfied living off excess body fat for extended periods. However what makes the discovery of “Lean Genes” so unique is you can eat all you want and never count calories on the “Lean Gene Diet” simply by re-awakening “Lean Genes.” More important is health on every level improves dramatically within days and energy goes way up

In only 10 days anyone can fully awaken Lean Genes again using the "10 Day Cure." Try it today and sleep better tonight, feel fantastic tomorrow and get rid of constant hunger pangs and energy loss forever.
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When “Lean Genes” lose functionality, appetite does not suppress after eating the right number of calories that would maintain or return the slim, lean body. Instead, hunger does not go away until far too many calories are consumed. Modern diets actually make us hungry again very soon after we consume a full meal. The popular concept that a calorie is just a calorie and energy in/energy out is the primary rule:
is wrong and completely false. Some calories make us hungry, others makes us thirsty, tired or depressed. Some calories make us feel energetic and satisfied for many hours, while others make us want to eat and eat and eat. Some calories are not fully absorbed or used and others more. Some raise metabolism and others lower it.

Almost anyone, regardless of age can return properly functioning “Lean Genes” by using behaviors that awaken enforcement. People who say they can eat all they want of whatever they want and never gain weight are correct. That is because “Lean Genes” are functioning. They immediately lose appetite and do not WANT to eat anymore after they have consumed enough calories. Lean children, teenagers and adults often have well-functioning “Lean Genes” but certain foods and muscle loss can disable them.
Pregnant women who have already damaged enforcement of “Lean Genes” can pass this on to their fetus and obesity can develop early. The good news is immediate changes in diet bring about immediate results. We can become slim, lean and healthy again and feel better every day.

“Lean Genes” using the "10 Day Cure" will return a lean, healthy and vibrant body more rapidly than doctors, nutritionists, scientists, fitness trainers and athletes currently believe is possible. This is because they recommend diet and exercise methods that actually suppress and therefore cannot awaken "Lean Genes."