Mark Davis visited many unique cultures before and during studies at the
University of California, Berkeley, and in 1997 he received his B.A. in Anthropology (Honors, Highest Distinction).
He developed the "10 Day Cure" in 2003 receiving his Master's Degree in Medical Anthropology at the University of Hawaii, May, 2006. His papers on "Lean Genes" were based on thousands of studies from almost a dozen disciplines.
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10DayCure - A New Approach to Becomimg Lean and Healthy

Virtually every popular diet causes “weight loss.” But “weight loss” is the reason “weight gain” is now out of control. The new book called “Lean Genes” explains why weight loss diets have a 95% failure rate. In graduate studies Mark Davis discovered every diet-exercise regimen causes little loss of “body fat.” The weight loss was mostly muscle and water. In our 20's we all begin losing muscle. Dieting speeds this up dramatically. Weight scales encourage us for losing precious muscle and water. The brain sees this as traumatic. Muscle loss destroys energy and metabolism. “Lean Genes” enforce low body fat. The “Lean Gene Diet” is a new, holistic approach to revive lean genes. This discovery was made possible focusing on many disciplines (e.g., nutrition, physiology, genetics, medical studies, evolution and culture) under the umbrella of Medical Anthropology.
Heidi Klum * Ryan Reynolds *
It is destructive in Western culture that we are advised; "lose a few pounds." Doctors rarely encourage patients to set goals for lean body types like Heidi Klum. But research shows those who are "most" successful visualize a "dream body" for themselves and use this to sustain motivation until they reach their goal.  Ryan Reynolds uses many hours in the gym and low-calorie, low-carbohydrate diets to achieve a lean and cut physique. But the "10 Day Cure" urges more food, light weights, no aerobics, and gets one lean far more rapidly. Exercise is healthy but less effective for achieving slimness. It must be used forever without lean genes.  Did you know desirable body fat levels are virtually unpublished? Yet tracking body fat is the only way to know if your diet is truly working. Testing can easily be done with inexpensive bio-impedance scales. We urge men to target 15% or less body fat and women 24- 18% or less body fat. Only low levels of body fat return the proper fat/muscle balance and normal metabolism so one can eat normal amounts of food.
Instead of reducing body fat most diets deplete glycogen, muscle, lean body mass and lower hydration levels. Only the four compartment model (4/C) tracks body fat changes accurately, but impedance scales are great for home dieters. Weight scales encourage us for losing muscle! 95% of dieters fail because of this simple fact. Inexpensive body fat scales are sold at sporting goods, drug and discount stores and can track our "changes" in body fat. Eat, drink and test the same time each day. Measuring body fat thousands of times it became clear that "weight loss" on all of the popular diets is all "muscle loss." The weight loss is traumatic. It always returns. In the pictures on this page you will notice that the lean body types for men are in the 11-15% range. For women 18-24% body fat is desirable. Being very lean is the best way to promote longevity. An extra 10 pounds can age us dramatically in appearance and also promotes disease later in life.  The book "Lean Genes" shows you how to set the goal of "lean" and reach a healthy BF% in the shortest possible time.
The above female though young has a high body fat level and she's heading for obesity. Appearance can be misleading because as muscle turns to fat overall body size may not look different. Fat is stored internally. Muscle turns to body fat and fat deposits in both muscles and organs. This is called "visceral fat" and the crowding internally begins the changes that will soon lead to disease, debilitation and more obesity. Even a small amount of abdominal fat involves one or more risk factors for chronic disease. This is because it is a sign of a great deal more internal fat. The West is becoming comfortable with larger body types but disease, surgeries, mood disorders and psycho-social problems are inevitable without eliminating this excess body fat. Most assume they will need drugs and surgery as they age. Not true.. Even if fairly sedentary, very lean individuals live far longer and require much less medical intervention than those even moderately overweight. Many lean individuals live very long healthy lives with little need for drugs, surgery, supplements or other supports. The book "Lean Genes" shows you how you can be lean and healthy for life and remain independent of outside intervention. You can also eliminate colds, flu, allergies, arthritis and many other problems caused by typical Western diets and lifestyles.
Body building and aerobic exercise are not necessary to attain and maintain very lean body types. Much faster results can be obtained using ways of eating and easy to incorporate behaviors described in the new book Lean Genes. When Lean Genes are functioning, body fat drains away. Exercise is more fun after achieving lean. Exercise causes protein "turnover"after  serum glucose (blood sugar) is used up. When we cut calories the brain turns to glycogen stores, or the protein in muscle and easily converts this into glucose or sugar. This appears as "weight loss" on your scale but you have lost no body fat. Body fat scales can show "body fat" loss. This individual like most bodybuilders, believed he had low body fat because of "definition." But this is simply muscle "pushing through" layers of body fat. Body builders also need to consider total weight to assess their level of leanness. 50 extra pounds will add too much body fat even if 10-12% is the total body fat level. We must consider normal weight-height ranges along with the body fat percentage.
This individual has definition without body building simply by being lean. Light resistance training is very beneficial but strenuous weight training creates dis-proportional hunger, overeating and body fat gain. Few body builders are truly lean Use light weights for five minutes per day. For most people weight is not nearly as important as tracking body fat. When a male targets a low body fat (<15%), total weight usually reduces as well. Health and fitness return. Tracking body fat is a far more important tool than weight loss. This simple fact is why most diets fail. This is a very active surfing instructor using a low calorie diet and intensive exercise. The “Lean Gene Diet” brings leanness "faster" and "easier" than any other diet. Over 95% of dieters in America fail in reaching their goal or maintaining their weight loss yet most blame themselves. The book "Lean Genes" explains why it is the diet's fault.
Certain foods rapidly bring obesity and disease and many of these are recommended by doctors and nutritionists as healthy. The new book“Lean Genes” shows why and how these “recommended” foods bring diabetes, cancer, allergies, fatigue, hair loss, saggy skin, mood disorders and many other problems. If you are currently being treated for a medical condition continue to follow your doctor’s advice. But try the "Ten Day Cure" and let your doctor track changes in your biomarkers. See for yourself how you can eliminate dozens of problems with this diet. Subjects report reversals in hair loss, acne, myopia, and many improvements in serious diseases. This individual lost a total of 70 pounds over the course of two years on popular diets using both low carbohydrate and low calorie similar to Atkin's, South Beach and many others. These diets work too slowly and that is why most people fail. Even if strictly adhered to almost every popular diet causes “weight loss” at the rate of 1-2 pounds per week but only a net loss of less than 10 pounds per year according to studies. Few ever get lean again.
TatiannaBefore Tatianna
His “weight loss” is typical of virtually every modern diet. Notice the depleted muscle mass which means weight will return and then be almost impossible to reduce. Using the “Lean Gene Diet” there is no net muscle loss, only rapid body fat loss, so appearance improves dramatically every single day and there is no fear of the body fat returning. Tatianna had been doing strenuous weight work and aerobics while restricting calories and could not eliminate her excess body fat, here shown at 23%. She was told to stop doing aerobics and limit weight work to very light weights and short routines. She had no fatigue, hunger, moodiness or anxiety on the "Lean Gene Diet." After the "Ten Day Cure" described in the book "Lean Genes" she lost 5 pounds of pure body fat and gained 2 pounds of lean body mass. The return of lean body mass means she will have a more normal metabolism and be able to eat more food. Women find that it is very difficult to lose that last 15 or 20 extra pounds to become truly lean again but with the “Lean Gene Diet” returning a lean, youthful body becomes easy and rapid.
This subject lost 20 pounds of body fat in 30 days and added lean body mass with walking and light weights. These results are typical, not unusual, because “Lean Genes” rapidly reduce body fat without aerobic exercise, automatically. Rapid body fat loss is "safer" than slow weight loss, despite what experts say, because it is body fat loss and not muscle loss. Going from 24% body fat to 12% body fat in a short time is easily achievable for all. Using the “10 Day Cure" or "Lean Gene Diet,” subjects experience no hunger, fatigue, lethargy, or anxiety. Maintaining a slim, healthy body after reaching the ideal body fat level is much easier if we are truly lean, because we have more energy and a normal metabolism again. The discovery of “Lean Genes” came after researching many groups and diets around the world. Davis' studies involved numerous populations in North and South America, Europe, Indonesia, Haiti, Southeast Asia, Japan and many Pacific Islands. Certain cultures stay lean and healthy throughout long life spans by using the principles of the “Lean Gene Diet,” described in the new book "Lean Genes." Try the "10 Day Cure" today.