STAR is what we do between every single meal during the 10 DAY CURE to rapidly become super lean, slim, healthy, vigorous and glowing with confidence. This will be the easiest regimen you have ever tried because there is no calorie counting, no hunger, no stress and no stalls or plateaus. Because of STAR we do not lose muscle as on every other diet, but only body fat so we look much better much faster than we thought possible. Remember to use STAR. We never forget our goal and getting there rapidly, every single day. STAR between meals works!

S.T.A.R. is an acronym for Saturate, Train, Activity, Resolve, and is a simple process that takes only a few minutes and is done ideally between meals. Each element of STAR causes appetite suppression, stress reduction and muscle retention. Each step provides for a powerful mental re-enforcement and memory device for staying on track. After many failures the pieces of STAR came together. Finding just the right combination of steps took hundreds of diet subjects and daily testing and measuring to see what was really lowering body fat, not just weight.

Normal diets and weight scales destroy our bodies since we feel rewarded about losing weight. But it is muscle!

** *** STAR changed everything for dieters. Confidence rises due to the rapid results. Even better is the return and enforcement of “Lean Genes” which causes rapid satiety and less appetite, so fewer calories are desired naturally.

Based on many animal and human studies, we mammals all possess “Lean Genes.” But activity alone is actually not what is responsible for maintenance of low body fat levels. Research shows that appetite is what regulates low body fat. Western diets greatly increase appetite.

Lean genes can be seen in healthy infants and children, where appetite adjusts according to body fat, not just activity. The author discovered many cultures more sedentary or less active than people in the West. They do not gain weight as they age. Weight gain is not genetic.

Lean Genes remain intact in certain cultures all the way through old age. The key to the discovery of what we here in the West do to disable Lean Genes became the goal. This led to the “Lean Gene Diet” which included STAR, a diet and protocol for returning functionality of “Lean Genes” so leanness is returned automatically. It can then be easily maintained for life without counting calories or excessive exercise. Try the 10 DAY CURE.