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Lean Genes by Mark DavisMaster's Thesis
Academic Paper on Ten Day Cure Video

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The e-book "Lean Genes" is over 44,000 words and 120 pages, including full-color illustrations, on how to become lean and healthy in the shortest possible time without counting calories or using aerobic exercise. This easy-to-understand e-book includes examples of lean and healthy populations worldwide that eat the way medical doctors insist is unhealthy. Groups that are sedentary are described who use less activity than we do. They have an abundance of food, yet remain lean throughout long lifespans, with little or no health care. These groups have been ignored by the West for decades.

Before being offered here to you, the e-book "Lean Genes" was read and reviewed by hundreds of overweight people across the U.S. Both women and men saw surprising and dramatic changes in health and body fat. They also forwarded helpful comments. The book you will read has been edited again for even greater effectiveness. We are confident you will find "Lean Genes" exciting, revealing, life-changing and enormously enlightening. For those curious enough to explore the hundreds of academic references and more technical explanations, the 200 page thesis The Evolution of Human Body Fat and 40-page paper Did Humans Evolve "Lean Genes?" will be yours as well. The Ten Day Cure is a 20 minute video which contains beautiful images and instructions for reducing stress and guiding the powerful sub-conscience mind to support your goals. Use stereo headphones for this video and the new video "Deep Sleep" to reduce the stress that is keeping you from becoming lean and healthy. Get teenager lean again fast!

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Everything you need is in the new e-book "Lean Genes." The methods will get you all the way to lean and healthy rapidly with no hunger, lethargy, anxiety or moodiness. Download the e-book to revive your truly natural, genetic birthright..Everything is included for the price of $9.95 and we accept no links to other websites, commercial incentives, follow-up advertising, subscription offers or anything else to interfere with your life or sell anything.
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*** Academic paper about *** 200 Page Thesis with references *** Tapes ***
Describes the brand new theory on how humans evolved "Lean Genes" and how they can be re-awakened for life-long leanness and health. 40 pages have dozens of startling and very important  academic references from prestigious researchers and universities around the world which help validate Lean Genes. The original thesis approved in 2006 by other Medical Anthropologists at the University of Hawaii. Describes cultures in the world that have little or no chronic disease or obesity yet eat high fat diets. Discusses the problems with most modern approaches to dieting and details how excess human body fat evolved, what it is for and how it can be rapidly eliminated. Beautiful sounds, comforting words, images and music bring deep relaxation and sleep. Very effective for replacing old beliefs about limitations with powerful new ones to help us become lean and healthy. This video and Deep Sleep are 20 minutes each. They both use modulated binaural beats to gain support from the powerful sub- conscious and speed you to lean and healthy! Listen once or twice a day.

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