The "Lean Gene Diet"                      
The "Lean Gene Diet" is an easy way of dieting so cells become sensitive again to sufficient calories.
** All humans are endowed with "Lean Genes." When functioning they enforce lean health and then they keep us lean. Being even 10 pounds overweight ages us in appearance, energy and health. As soon as we notice excess body fat outwardly, there is already a substantial amount of fat stored viscerally. If we appear even slightly overweight, our muscles already have a marbling of fat just like meat in the grocery store. Fat is also being stored throughout organs and even in blood vessels. This is not caused by cholesterol, meat or eggs, but insulin.

Every function the body has to perform becomes more difficult because of this extra fat inside and out. Modern medicine and surgical procedures can keep us alive a long time with the diseases caused by this extra fat but if we want to avoid debilitation, dependence, loss of energy and health, then re-awakening “Lean Genes” and restoring a lean, beautiful, healthy self is the only option.

The science of “Lean Genes” awakens natural appetite suppression. You cannot achieve lean again without this because of hunger drives, anxiety, depression, feelings of deprivation and fatigue that cannot be ignored. For a program to work, a person has to return to the state of NOT WANTING ANY MORE FOOD after eating only the amount of nutrition that RETURNS super leanness.
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When "Lean Genes" are functioning there is no longer any desire for food after eating the amount of calories that gets us lean, fast. When you have the feeling of not being able to eat another bite after a large meal, your brain has cut off all appetite and desire for food. Animals in nature have this sensation after consuming the calories that keep them at 4% body fat. Humans in many populations around the world maintain this physiology throughout long lives, keeping their body fat at about 13-15% or less for men, and 15-22% or less for women, which is very lean. Test it with the 10DayCure.

Beyond these body fat levels, fat is an ugly killer and causes a great many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and many others. The book "Lean Genes" explains the breakthrough new "Lean Gene Diet" which allows you to eat all you want so you never count calories. Because re-awakening "Lean Genes" causes natural appetite suppression you will no longer need exercise. Lean Gene science goes against accepted theories because with the "Lean Gene Diet" you will not need supplements, pills, exercise or surgeries to become very lean and healthy again.

Anyone can be teenager lean again (try "STAR" today).

"Lean Genes" the breakthrough new science for becoming lean! Try the "10 Day Cure"