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The author guided the development of dozens of health foods, or so-called "natural foods," for national food brands. However, he himself became very overweight, and had allergies, asthma, sinusitis and was even warned about metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes. Though many buy health foods which have billions in sales, they did not work for the author. His mother and father lived on health foods and health products their entire lives only to succumb to difficult last days and death from cancers.
Davis' first degree from U.C. Berkeley took him to very diverse groups living far from the USA. He studied the diet of very healthy, lean, and energetic people. Their activity level was often less than most people in the West yet they seemed to have less disease and live long lives.
He was familiar with Atkin's and Paleo diets and also tried low fat and low calorie diets but he could not become lean. He decided to pursue a master's degree in Medical Anthropology to study the medical research, cultural practices and earliest human evolution. Davis became focused on the time humans first appear and seem to thrive. This was long before they lived during Paleo times in caves using so-called "cave man diets." This was a time when human physiology first changes from more of a herbivore digestion system to a greatly truncated gut or rapid type of digestion. The gut actually reduced by 40% and at the same time the brain doubled and tripled in size. Humans never again saw such rapid, dramatic or positive change. That is when he discovered those "Lean Genes," which kept the first humans super lean, energetic and far healthier than humans are today.
What disables them in children and adults? Insulin. What
restores them in children and adults? The 10DayCure.
* * Because he could incorporate evolutionary biology, genetics, medicine, clinical science, world culture studies, psychology, nutrition, exercise physiology and other disciplines within the field of Medical Anthropology, he had a tremendous advantage. Why? Because no single field sufficiently includes all of the knowledge necessary to solve our overweight and obesity explosion. He then wrote the book "Lean Genes" and his papers are accessible and inexpensive. Anyone curious can read them and try the "Lean Gene Diet" with STAR using the 10 Day Cure for effortless and extremely rapid loss of body fat, without hunger, anxiety or stress.

People usually cannot believe the weight comes off so rapidly and easily. They have to trust that they will not improve their results with aerobic exercise or strenuous weight training. With early test subjects, Davis had to urge people to eat more because the foods have more food volume and many find it hard to believe they can eat all they want to of these foods and still become lean. But it did work and those who followed it became lean very rapidly and did so without hunger. He offered mental techniques to improve will.

After measuring body fat thousands of times using people on every kind of diet, he found the weight people lost from low calorie, low fat and other popular diets was all muscle. Pounds lost from their intensive aerobics and/or strength  training while dieting, was all lean body mass. The new theory of "Lean Genes" stresses that this puts the brain in crisis and it attacks us with brutal anxiety, hunger, anger and depression. People said: 'But I can see all the body fat I have lost after my aerobics or workout!' That is not body fat. One may look as if they have lost body fat after aerobics or running but it is dehydration and muscle. The scale only moves faster because muscle and water is twice as heavy as body fat. Aerobics is great after we become lean. Before that it actually slows results down.
Try the "Lean Gene Diet" today and see how truly easy it is to become lean for life.