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No exercise is needed except for normal activity such as walking and working

Most populations in the world alive today that remain lean throughout life do not run, lift weights or work out. In fact, some are more sedentary than we in the West. They are often the most disease free and live long lives. Davis stayed with many of these groups while working on his graduate thesis. The people eat all they want but they eat according to little-known, important rules, found in history, revealed in the breakthrough  "Lean Genes."

During studies with hundreds of volunteers while at the University of Hawaii during 2003-2006, subjects were asked to reduce or eliminate aerobic exercise and any strenuous weight training. Women and men ages 43-73 lost an average of three pounds per week that was all body fat! Using the very enjoyable “Lean Gene Diet,” walking and light weights, becoming lean was so easy!

Did you know that most diets that we in the West are told bring terrific health and longevity, are absolute poison to both the brain and body? Humans were not able to adapt fully to diets that were suddenly introduced 10,000 years ago. Our physiology developed on certain foods eaten for over two million years. People who have been using the Lean Gene Diet since 2003 claim they are more satisfied, happy and energetic than they ever were on normal diets.

But the best part is they became super lean and healthy.

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With the "10 Day Cure" it is easy and very healthy to consistently lose 5 pounds per week of body fat, while adding lean body mass other diets cause us to lose. The weight loss is all body fat and water and no muscle or lean tissue, so the brain does not go into trauma and panic. Appetite lowers, energy returns, improvements in health occur rapidly, and even psychological problems often abate. Allergies, asthma, hair loss, fatigue, moods, depression, body odor, halitosis, headaches and many other issues usually reduce or disappear completely.

Maintenance is also easy using the "10 Day Cure," especially when one gets all the way back to super slim and lean because we have a totally different fat/muscle balance which returns higher metabolism. Even a small amount of excess weight does not give us the fat/muscle balance we must have to maintain youthful weight loss.

The author was the first ever to discover why weight loss diets in the West can never work. He traveled many places randomly testing body fat levels. What he learned is that people on diets were almost never losing body fat. They were only losing muscle and water, which signals struggle and death to the reptilian brain. They were looking at their scales every day thinking they were doing extremely well on their diets but they were losing vital muscle and water, absolutely no body fat!

Do not waste anymore time being overweight and unhappy when you too can be lean.