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Update November, 2017
Out of the perhaps thousands of testimonials almost all refuse to give up eating the 10 Day Cure or Lean Gene Diet foods after 1, 10 and even 14 years, from the very beginning of the program. But we began urging all users to keep the diet secret and not share their experiences.
We learned that those very excited about this program who began sharing it with friends and neighbors usually lost motivation. The subconscious effect is quite negative after speaking of success on any program. You may have noticed this yourself whenever you had great results at the beginning and began talking to others about results.
We adopted a stringent policy of confidentiality because of, 1) None accurately explain the program details and this leads to failure. The only source for the correct process and steps is this website and our materials. 2) During Diet Island and personal coaching events users were advised progress is highly impacted by speaking to others. The ability to stay focused and continue is lost.
This caused the author to write the new book called;
"The Little Mind." This book is a phenomenal expose of the subconscious mind. Its power to hinder or advance our efforts in every undertaking be it a diet or any life- changing transformation is incredible. The new book uncovers why we fail in any of our various pursuits.
Users who began in 2003 have not only kept their super lean and fabulously healthy bodies but they love the diet.
It is so satisfying and enjoyable they have no desire to stop, even though they are lean and healthy enough to cheat once in awhile, they simply crave the right foods.
Below are only some testimonials previously listed here:
Received Jan 16, 2008:

I have been on the program for one week and have lost 9.5 pounds. I have been plagued with chronic illnesses for 18 years and I must tell you that I have never felt this good in my whole life!!! I cannot express my gratitude strongly enough. I have more energy than I've had in 30 years, I am seldom hungry, severe pain has been almost eliminated, I sleep like a contented baby, my cravings have completely disappeared and every morning the first thing I think of upon awakening is getting to my scales to see how well I am doing. Wishing you continued good health and happiness. Sincerely, Judy C. Canada 

Carolyn told us she has been on the “Lean Gene Diet” before we invented it! Carolyn intuitively arrived at the same diet over 30 years ago and has never had anything but vibrant health and a 2-4 dress size despite eating all she wants. Her entire family eats a normal Western diet and all are overweight. "The Lean Gene Diet is absolutely miraculous. Even though I am in my 60’s, I can verify that it results in extremely good health.  I never count calories and eat all I want of my favorite foods.” (Read more below)


Carolyn, 63 (lower left in above photo), reported that in her last check up she had a BMI (body mass index) of 13. Her blood pressure was 90/60. Her doctor was so astounded she asked Carolyn; "...seriously, I want to know what you eat."

The doctor said Carolyn, at age 63, had a bone density of a woman in her mid-twenties, DHEA (hormone levels) typical of a 30 year old woman. Carolyn's doctor said she could not tell from her records or physical examination that she ever had any children, yet Carolyn had delivered four large babies. The doctor could not believe Carolyn had ever delivered even one baby and was mystified. She wanted Carolyn to tell her about her lifestyle.

Carolyn explained that she never did any strenuous weight training or any aerobics, simply some walking and Yoga. Carolyn accidentally determined early in life to eat and exercise according to the “Lean Gene Diet” plan. She  thoroughly enjoys the unlimited foods and has written many times over the past year to enthusiastically support the publication of the book “Lean Genes." Imagine spending your older years being fit and independent like Carolyn with full mobility and energy!
** **

Mary Matsui had been working out with a trainer doing intensive aerobics and weight training four days a week, for months and months and was not able to get below 23% body fat even with a very restricted diet.

She achieved her goal of 18% body fat even though in her 50’s after only one month on the “Lean Gene Diet” and most people now guess her age at around 32. “Mr. Davis made me eliminate all of my exercise routines and forced me to eat much more. I can tell you I never believed it would work. But it did and I got back the body I had as a teenager. I truly love this program and will not change anything about my diet ever again.”

Bob Erickson is 65 and had the typical body of many older adult men. “I literally tried hundreds of diets and rarely lost even three pounds. I was so depressed because I work out and walk all the time. After one week my bulging belly was gone and I lost 10 pounds of only body fat in 3 weeks which was absolutely unheard of for me.”

Milly Kawanaka was 68 and never had the motivation to lose her excess body fat. “I lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks and I was never hungry or tired. My children and grandchildren, sorry to say, are all heavier than me now but I am happy.”

Anna, at age 19, was surprised when her fibromyalgia symptoms almost vanished within a week. “I learned so much about how food was causing my fatigue and muscle problems. All that changed and I lost my freshman 15.”

Ossy began losing his hair in his 40’s and was saddened by this and his weight problem. “I stopped seeing hair in my comb, and the shower drain, and I really felt like jumping up and down. The hair actually began growing back. The body changes were also surprising to me. Never thought I could do it but I am actually lean again, like I was when I was 13 or 14. I also had pretty bad asthma which is now about 50% better.”

John Good is a Physicist working at a major University in the US for 30 years. His wife was having extreme pain trying to digest normal foods and sleep was poor as well. John himself was unhappy with weight gain and despite working out regularly, could not become slim.

After reading the book "Lean Genes" he immediately began the new regimen and insisted his wife try it as well. She was afraid because the doctor had advised her to avoid certain foods that were part of the 10DayCure.

In only one day there was an abrupt change in health and energy. All of the digestive problems went away and John only needed three weeks to become super lean.

That was in early 2011 and today, John is as fit and robust as he was as a teenager and a recent check up proved once again that nothing works better than the Lean Gene Diet.

After seven (7) years there are still no cravings or any desire to consume the old favorites. Those foods are not even tempting. That is a common reaction from hundreds of former students of the 10 Day Cure. They do not want the typical foods cherished so much in the American diet. They feel constantly full, satisfied, energetic and healthy.

Skin and complexions in these older clients is often 30 or 40 years younger. Youthfulness and energy is similar to a teenager in subjects now in their 60's and 70's. We truly, and seriously hear this from all of our earliest clients.

The Secret

Working with hundreds of subjects, results consistent with these examples kept arriving. In the last year of Davis' "Lean Genes" research (2007) countless health problems were also gone with virtually all of the early subjects.

Changes included allergies, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, diabetes, frequency of colds and flues, hair loss, and many other problems. Many had testing done and their doctors were baffled by the sudden change in health, body fat level, appearance and personality (improved mood).

Since we no longer solicit testimonials or ask for the names and personal information of individuals who are using or have used the 10 Day Cure or Lean Gene Diet, there are many who have tried to discredit the program. This does not matter to us anymore. Why?

Because anyone who tries the program for even 10 days is convinced. They lose only body fat for the first time ever. Never before has anyone pinpointed the terrible effects Western diets have on anyone and everyone using them.

Ask yourself why no diet author, clinic or doctor has ever told a patient to get a body fat scale. The reason is simple: everyone is totally misinformed about what causes body fat gain, hunger, fatigue, stress, and lethargy. The causes are addressed with pills and all the wrong foods.

Even the cholesterol message continues to resonate with people despite being proven wrong many times during the past 70 years. We do not need Statins and we do not need fewer calories. We only need the foods described here.

Ignore weight loss advice that says you can never be lean again. Don't just lose weight, lose only body fat and become lean!