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A few queries from previous readers...

*Your program includes more walking and light weights a few minutes per day. Since I am disabled, is there anything else that will work for me?
       Yes, the “Super Lean Gene Diet” will cause you to have rapid results by a simple adjustment to the basic “Lean Gene Diet” regimen, using little or no activity.

*I was shocked at the difference in my appearance when I moved from 20% body fat to 15%. My appearance was so improved women who had never looked at me before smiled. How can I keep going til I reach 11% body fat?
       As you get below 15% body fat for a man or 22% body fat for a woman the body fat reduces at a slower rate. Simply increase the hand weights in S.T.A.R. by a 1-2 pounds/week and you will reach your goal very soon. Since visceral (internal) fat is sourced more as your body fat reaches lower levels, visible body fat resolves more slowly but total body fat is still burning off rapidly.

*My doctor said it is dangerous to lose weight quickly, who should I believe?
       Since virtually every diet commonly used causes you to lose muscle mass, people become weak, lethargic and irritable and then gain back lost weight very rapidly, usually gaining more than they lost. This is completely avoided on the “Lean Gene Diet.” So they are wrong! Excess body fat is the real danger, so lose it rapidly.

There are 100's of misconceptions and much bad advice. Nutritionists say if you don’t eat often, and eat every type and variety of food you may get harmful nutritional deficiencies. But the “Lean Gene Diet” provides more nutrition per calorie than any diet ever developed. You also greatly improve insulin sensitivity which causes your cells to more efficiently utilize the nutrients in these foods. Get a check up before and after the 10 Day Cure!

Some authorities claim losing weight rapidly requires “crash dieting,” a scare term, characterizing any diet that works quickly, as dangerous. However, losing weight slowly is the real danger because you are likely to give up and stay overweight. Lack of success also leads to severe depression and loss of confidence in many adults.

Others claim you can become anorexic by losing too much weight but anorexia is a symptom of preexisting psychological disorders and effects less than 1% of the population, whereas overweight affects 70% of the population. Hospitals and pharmaceuticals want us dependent and constantly needing medical procedures, drugs and surgeries. Some use scare tactics to keep us dependent. If you have any doubts, let a doctor track your biomarkers while you are on the "Lean Gene Diet." Prove to yourself that your health is much better.

*I drive a truck and on the routes I drive there is nothing but fast food and convenience store food, how can I possibly change my diet?
       Purchase an insulated container and fill it with the foods listed in the “Lean Gene Diet.” You will never be hungry and your cravings for other foods will disappear. Since your consumption is not limited on the "Lean Gene Diet" you can literally "stuff" yourself with the right foods. Also, never run out of non-caloric drinks.

*Lots of my friends are overweight and we go out frequently. There is lots of pressure to eat and drink all the wrong things. What can I do?
       Never be ravenous. Eat some "Lean Gene Diet" foods before you go out and then simply choose what is acceptable at restaurants. Alcohol in certain forms is OK on this diet and there is no restaurant where you cannot get the right foods that keep you on track. STAR is the critical component because it keeps you focused despite the environment. In the end however, you must want to be lean and healthy again. Don't forget how depressed you become the following day when you let your friends defeat you and take you off your plan and goals.

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*This diet sounds restrictive and requires me to cut back on many of my favorites, will that cause me to fail?             
       Absolutely not because your body will love these all-you-can-eat foods. Most people transition effortlessly after only one day. Your cravings will suddenly change and you will only want these foods. You can try them at your own discretion after you are lean and healthy.

*The company I work for is pressure packed and I stuff myself when I eat because I am so stressed out. Do I even have a prayer of succeeding?
       STAR is the key for you. Studies show people are rarely effective more than 50 minutes of every hour, so frequently take breaks and do STAR. You will get more high quality work done by using STAR on the job than constantly driving yourself to be busy every minute. STAR is designed to unstress, eliminate appetite and increase fat burning, but more importantly it forces you to take a few minutes to remember diet goals and visualize outcomes.

*My family is on a very tight budget and the foods in your program cost more, what can I do?
       It’s true, a one half pound apple may cost 50 cents and supply 80 calories, while a bag of Cheetos will supply about 1600 calories and cost a dollar. However, you will automatically consume far fewer calories than you do now and so there is more efficiency and less waste. Consider what you spend on hospitals, doctors, exercise equipment, diet foods, pills and supplements. Think about the quality of your life. The “Lean Gene Diet” will energize you and your new body will thrill you. Think of what the extra confidence will mean in your life; opportunities that you may have passed by because you didn’t have the motivation. Think what good habits and health will do for your children, not to mention the education they will get.

In actual practice, the "Lean Gene Diet" ends up costing people far less money because there is so much wasted using packaged foods. We consume far more calories than we need and many have severe digestion issues. One of the amazing changes people experience is naturally sweet breath, no gas and no bloating. This is because we are gifting our bodies with foods it loves and craves.

The "Lean Gene Diet" is also the most "eco-friendly" diet ever developed. The more we all use it the more we are doing for our planet.

*Can I cheat on this diet?
       Cheater foods will make you much hungrier for more of the same. In our studies we found that those who went off the program for an entire day needed 3-4 days to get back on track. So that is 3-4 days that they could have awakened each morning and been excited by their new appearance and instead, delayed themselves for foods that did not really make them happy. GET LEAN FIRST! and then cheat once in awhile. When you reach the correct fat/muscle balance it will be much easier to burn off “cheater foods.” Delays can and will discourage you.

*Though I have not been able to get lean, I like working out and running. Why can’t I continue to do this within your program?
       Do a light weight work out just before running and it will help prevent muscle loss. Generally too much hunger and muscle loss results from aerobic and eventually also using strenuous anaerobic exercise. If you follow STAR some of the negative impact will be offset. You might have to use a bit more will power because of the extra hunger that will occur about 4-6 hours after you exercise.

People never believe this and often try to speed results with aerobics or heavy weights. But that will delay or completely derail us. Walking is much better. Walk much more. Aerobic exercise is healthy, but recommended after achieving leanness when you are on the maintenance diet.

Jogging or running is one of the wonderful things we can do far more off after we are lean, slim and energized.