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Think you have studied a lot about weight loss? Believe you have a good understanding of what it takes to lose weight? Most people and almost all doctors believe this.
All of your beliefs about weight loss may change and change dramatically today. Here are the popular beliefs that are refuted by research from other parts of the world where lean people live longer and better with less health care: Low calorie and low-fat diets are the worst kind of dieting. Atkin’s, Zone and South Beach diets do bring weight loss, but rarely get even strict adherents all the way to lean, slim, and healthy. The same is true for diets like Weight Watchers, Ornish, Pritikin, Nutrisystem, Slim-Fast and many others too numerous to count.

Those who do become lean maintain intensive exercise daily. Unfortunately, no one can keep this up with illness, travel, jobs, family, and stress. Worst of all, intensive exercise causes us to lose lean body mass or muscle as does stress. This means hunger increases way beyond our needs. All of the sacred “truths” about diets in Western culture most believe, are debunked in the book "Lean Genes." We have a 95% failure rate but we believe it is our fault. But it is obviously the fault of Western diets.
Here are some beliefs holding you back: “eat breakfast, have frequent meals, eat low fat foods, only lose weight slowly, eat whole grains, use vitamins or supplements for better nutrition, fatty meats are killers, lean meats are healthier," and many more are exposed as diet myths for health and weight loss. Think this sounds ridiculous, insane, unbelievable? Try the “10 Day Cure” detailed in the book "Lean Genes" and see for yourself. Ask your doctor to track your bio-markers before, during and after our plan. They will be shocked and you will be happy.

Many doctors, scientists and academics have read the information you will hopefully enjoy and many have incorporated what they learned. It works. We urge all to abandon the term “weight loss." It doesn't work.

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Most experience health benefits with minimal weight loss using many diets but it does not last. Today it is becoming acceptable to be any weight no matter the health care costs that will burden all. Everyone of us must diet or weight gain will begin and keep going. Those already overweight will keep gaining weight without constant restriction. There is no stasis or automatic leveling off for the body. The brain is being triggered by Western foods to want more and more. But now we can all become lean easily.

“Lean Genes” are disabled because of certain foods and combinations so containing weight is impossible as we age, even for the very young. "Weight loss" hurts us and delays the process because it is muscle and not "body fat." It will not return leanness and leaves the body fat/muscle balance at a ratio that inhibits normal metabolism. Non-optimal metabolism does not allow normal eating therefore weight will always return without more and more exercise.

Popular diets are often written by authors who are not truly lean themselves because their diets do not make them lean. Many diet book authors who are lean have never been fat. Some who write diet books are fitness trainers who have the freedom to spend many hours daily in training. The author of "Lean Genes" was always fat and even when getting slim, had to exercise constantly while dieting, so the weight always came back. This is not a diet but a way to cause the brain to automatically want the right food.

The World Health Organization concluded weight loss is only achieved or maintained by 60-90 minutes of moderate to intensive daily exercise daily. This is the current state of the modern Western diet. Eat less, exercise more and you will experience “weight loss.” It is the wrong way to diet.

The science of “Lean Genes” separates from conventional wisdom by urging no aerobic exercise and more food. We change the goal from losing a few pounds to becoming lean. The advice you will read about exposes virtually every "diet rule" as being a "diet myth" that will not get you lean and healthy or keep you lean and healthy!

Ignore weight loss advice that says you can never be lean again. Don't just lose weight, lose only body fat and become lean!