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Scaring people and making them feel less safe, making  them feel victimized, or threatened, is what some writers and broadcasters are about. The drug, food, and medical industries do not want people to heal themselves. Groups of advocates hire powerful publicity firms to convince us of their cause. An immediate flood of publicity can hit every media outlet with news that scares us based on extreme examples. The person who drank over a gallon of water in one hour and died, is but one sad example.

Swallowing bleach in large amounts will kill too but a drop turns filthy water into life-saving drinking water. Breathing carbon monoxide exhaust fumes can kill us but in the atmosphere this gas becomes carbon dioxide which plants and trees take in to make them grow.

In "Lean Genes" we learn how to reverse many diseases with more fluid intake at certain times of the day. The "Lean Gene Diet" will elevate immunity dramatically and seasonal colds and flu can be greatly reduced or prevented. Can you imagine never getting a cold again?

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There are many heresies in the book "Lean Genes." They tell us we may become anorexic if we lose weight rapidly even though anorexia affects less than 1% of the population and becoming obese is a much more urgent health risk affecting almost 70% of us. People who lose weight slowly are actually not more successful at all and rarely become lean again. Being lean is by far the best protection against early death and disease as long as nutrition is adequate. On the "Lean Gene Diet" you will not become anorexic even though you will lose body fat rapidly. Being lean again will not kill. To the contrary it makes us feel confident and vibrant again.

One important reason why we add non-caloric fluid intake during the 10 Day Cure is because studies show large meals, which are a common practice in the West, unlike Japan and other slimmer populations, stretch the stomach to double and more of its normal size. Satiety hormones no longer stop appetite when we have eaten the right amount of food because our stomach's are so much larger. Fluid becomes the way we counteract this.