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Have you ever heard of a diet book author measuring body fat literally thousands of times? Davis did this during his graduate studies and continues today. He found that during the early phase of all the popular diets, body fat actually goes up but weight drops. So you are actually getting fatter but losing weight, and this tricks you into believing. This is why all diets fail. Never use a weight scale ever again. Always measure only body fat. In the book "Lean Genes" Davis exposed all diets as disasters creating massive muscle loss. The weight reduces rapidly and then returns even more rapidly.

Medical Anthropologist Mark Davis had advantages when doing his research. He could include psychology, genetics, nutrition, evolutionary biology and world culture studies. That is why the "Lean Gene Diet" and "10 Day Cure" are truly holistic and unique. These are not paleo diets, similar to when we lived in caves, but are the original transition diets that gave us the physiology we now have. Since Davis uses so many insights from visiting indigenous cultures around the world still living close to nature, he has seen and experienced what is truly natural and what actually works for leanness, long life spans and vitality. These people are often sedentary.

Most scientists studying weight loss approaches work in a vacuum focusing on drugs, exercise, genetics, nutrition or something different. That very limited approach has prevented modern science from finding the answers. In the book "Lean Genes" the body, mind, and spirit are all addressed in a way that causes one to see continuous loss of body fat. People stay excited, motivated and focused.

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For the “Lean Gene Diet” you need a body fat scale and you need to carefully watch the appearance of your muscles. What you immediately discover is that the muscles do not deflate but body fat disappears rapidly.

This is because the “Lean Gene Diet” is holistic. The foods are all natural, sustainable and unique to this program. There is more variety than on any other Atkins or Paleo type diet and eating is unlimited. No calories are ever counted! No aerobics are needed nor strenuous weight training. You do not need supplements, pills or special supplies. You never again need to buy bottled water, which pours many trillions of non-recyclable receptacles into and onto our planet every year.

These new techniques require only 2-3 minutes, 2-3 times per day. These methods will change not just the body but the mind. They help to re-enforce will-power, resolve, and natural self-healing. They greatly reduce stress and plateaus. You will not only see body fat loss that is very rapid, but improvement in all areas of life. Nothing like it has ever been seen since our early start.

The "Lean Gene Diet" improves health dramatically virtually overnight. All the diet subjects remarked about this. Sleep, mood, energy and so much more. The "Lean Gene Diet" will actually eliminate most allergies, colds and flu. Davis believes that it also may prevent the most serious conditions and the major chronic diseases that currently plague the world. Many other problems such as body odor, vitality, anxiety, skin sag and wrinkling, insomnia, regularity and other problems disappear or improve quickly after being on the "Lean Gene Diet."