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Try the "10 Day Cure" for a Reward-Refund*

This will be the easiest program you have ever used. This will be the most effective program you have ever tried. This is the regimen that will get you all the way to "lean" without hunger, moodiness, stalls or doubts. We are the only publisher that encourages you to ask for a refund.

By sending us your before and after pictures for our records only, after the 10 Day Cure, we will refund you. We want you to become lean and healthy and inspire your friends, relatives and everyone else. We want all to follow your lead in becoming lean and youthful looking again. Do not delay. There is nothing to lose now except all of your excess body fat! Help us change the world.

We offer you a refund for succeeding. Yes, our only desire is that you be free and happy without illness, disease, weight problems and stress. Follow the "Lean Gene Diet" and use the "STAR" regimen. Then tell us about your experience. Keep track of your appearance, mood, health and body fat changes. Help us to help and inspire many others to become lean, healthy and free.

We like people try the 10 Day Cure because they will see how easy it is to lose only body fat while increasing lean body mass. The appearance change is shocking to most.

* * Please be confident and excited as you approach this program because you deserve to be lean and healthy and we are your biggest supporters. Read the ebook and start this weekend.

There is only one drawback. Many try to rush through the book to grab the big differences then quickly begin. However, you have waited this long for success. It is unfair to yourself to not begin with full knowledge of the program. The only people who get frustrated using the "Lean Gene Diet" do not remember key points because they have hurried through the book. Relax.

Most of us are all desperate to become lean and healthy and sometimes this haste can be our downfall. So please take your time reading the book "Lean Genes" and then keep re-reading it to remind yourself of the key points as you do the program.

The "Lean Gene Diet" is simple and easy to understand but the book is literally packed with hundreds of bits of information you have not read before. So give yourself a chance to absorb the many new nuggets of important, new and surprising facts.

Lean Gene theory is new. The "Lean Gene Diet" is guaranteed to work, no matter how overweight and regardless of your age. Do not put off reversing the clock and seeing that thin, youthful face and body again in the mirror. Try the "10 Day Cure" now.
*Take digital photos 4-6 feet away in a swimsuit. Display a current newspaper front page dated on the day you start and the day you finish. Send the digital photos by email within a one day of the "after" picture. Thank You!