Did you know that low fat diets inhibit critical hormones that keep skin tight and young? Did you know that every reduced calorie diet immediately causes all of us to lose muscle? Did you know aerobic exercise takes 100% of the calories not from body fat but muscle mass? Energy or sugar all comes from muscle, for the first 20 minutes.

You have just learned why ALL of the common diets are making us much fatter, more wrinkled, sicker and more hopeless. In the breakthrough new book "Lean Genes" you will learn why the huge explosion in weight is being caused by the very diets doctors, nutritionists and fitness trainers tell us are the best for "weight loss." Here you can finally learn why "weight loss" is bad, making us fat and unhealthy. STOP DIETING NOW! Try a 10daycure.

Over 600 references from prestigious academic journals will supply proof that modern diets are killing us. The only way they can work is if we strenuously work out almost every single day and keep this up for the rest of our lives or else. Those weight loss ads we've been so persuaded by, never tell us how much that individual in the before and after pictures had to vigorously exercise.

The science in the book "Lean Genes" is so simple and obvious, you will quickly understand why modern diets are making us all gain weight. The "Lean Gene Diet" conforms to the eating behavior of the earliest humans. However it does not contain any similar advice of other books that claim to know what the earliest humans ate. You can eat all you want with great variety. The foods are delicious and your health will improve dramatically almost overnight. The author tested hundreds like you.

Subjects all lost weight on the popular diets, but none of it was body fat. It was all lean tissue and muscle mass. 

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Anyone can lose weight very rapidly if they lose muscle which is twice as heavy as body fat, but that weight will always come back and there will be so much hunger that most will end up gaining much more than they first lost.
The “10 DAY CURE” came about after a new theory on early human evolution, which explained the actual purpose of body fat. With the "Lean Gene Diet" there is mostly weight loss from fat. When we lose body fat while retaining our muscle and lean body mass, the brain does not get upset and moody. This is not a weight loss diet but a "body fat loss" diet and it works rapidly.

Because we awaken an incredible mechanism associated with “Lean Genes”where the body becomes extremely aggressive in sourcing fat to maintain very high mood and energy, we will not regain out body fat. We will continue to eat all we want and can even enjoy most favorites while maintaining our new, super lean body.
Diets fail because most experts do not understand the mechanisms that cause the brain to resist turning to body fat for fuel. The science of “Lean Genes” uncovers the method that allows the body to sustain itself entirely on excess fat without resistance. Fatigue, sluggishness, sad feelings, moodiness and misery of Western-type diets will disappear on the “Lean Gene Diet” because the brain accelerates body fat conversion. It becomes a satisfying and overwhelmingly energetic fuel. The loss of body fat reaches 3-7 pounds of body fat per week immediately. The change in appearance and health is even more dramatic. This is simply because the "Lean Gene Diet" is the way we were all supposed to eat.

If you still have any doubts, why not try the "10 Day Cure" and test whether or not this can work for you.