Breakthrough Discovery of Lean Genes, STAR, and the 10 DAY CURE
"Lean Genes" are a basic part of physiology in most species and work with appetite because of a natural appetite suppression.When enabled, body fat effortlessly drains off without hunger, moodiness, fatigue, anger or depression. Re-awakening "Lean Genes" causes one to have no interest in food after the calories which return "leanness" have been consumed. Lean health is returned more rapidly than scientifically thought possible before.
Millions of people throughout history have been able to fast on water only. Countless fasters describe incredible vitality and little or no hunger. Some on fasts actually  competed against other runners eating regular diets and surpassed them. Others who try to fast cannot continue the process for even one day because the physical and psychological symptoms are so severe. The reason is we have turned off a switch that uses body fat when calories are reduced. Now our body always takes muscle instead.
In the September, 2007 issue of Cell Metabolism by Pengxiang She, et. al, the authors found a gene in mice that acted as a switch and when lean mice ate, the food was turned into muscle and they had incredible energy. When fat mice ate, food was turned into body fat and they had less energy. Fat mice didn't burn body fat easily but lean mice did. The authors did not offer explanations for why the gene worked in some mice and not in others.
"Lean Genes" explains this and how to turn this switch back on. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that an older subject could not enter high ketosis (body fat use or reliance) on the Atkin's high protein diet. The body was locked into reliance on sugar and only sugar. The subject was simply not able to lose body fat. Western diets get the brain reliant on blood sugar instead of body fat and then it refuses to stop when we diet so we never lose it.
Using an electronic ketone measuring device, the author first began testing to see what made the body go into this body fat burning mode. Lean Genes were completely off for the author as well! The body was simply converting its own muscle into sugar. That is an amazing ability that we all have. When we train our brains to expect sugar, which is candy, cereal, grains, sugar drinks and dessert, it gets hooked and demands more and more sugar from us.
If we lower calories it breaks down muscle and uses that.
Just think about that amazing fact. When we go on a diet the brain starts taking our muscles for food. When we do aerobic exercise the same thing happens, we lose muscle.
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To the brain, muscle tastes and works as good as foods loaded with sugar so it simply eats our muscles up when we diet. The weight on the scale may go down but it is not because of body fat, just water or muscle loss! This is a disaster because during prehistory, if we lost muscle we lost energy and died, eaten by predators. So when we lose muscle mass or any lean body mass while on most typical diets, the brain becomes angry and attacks us with incredible hunger, fatigue, moodiness, or sadness.
This became key to a theory of "Lean Genes" and how they become disabled. "Lean Genes"switch off because of stress, dieting, aerobics and low activity levels. These all cause the loss of muscle. This loss is perceived as a severe attack on us. Brain mechanisms are traumatized so often the brain stops using body fat and eats muscle.
The "Lean Gene Diet" helps turn this switch back on without exercise or counting calories. You can eat all you want by utilizing certain techniques a few minutes per day. These steps in "STAR" are combined with the "Lean Gene Diet" and the brain re-awakens "Lean Genes," building muscle and then using body fat again.
"STAR" and the "Lean Gene Diet" worked with the author's diet subjects. The author learned how we can force the brain to use body fat without resistance. There was no hunger, moodiness or anxiety. Body fat rapidly drained away while muscles strengthened and resisted depletion. The "switch" was back on. We experience greatly reduced appetite. Working with hundreds of subjects using the same protocol this experience was repeated over and over. The 10 DAY CURE works.
That's why we are starving. We have extra body fat our brains won't use. We must take drugs, drink coffee, eat more and get fatter to keep up our energy. Body fat is so powerful that when used as fuel the brain prefers it to sugar. People in very high ketosis (5.0-7.0 mmol) feel no hunger, have a fantastic and sometimes ecstatic mood level and incredibly high energy. Immunity goes sky high in this state. Even cancer cells cannot survive when ketones are the primary fuel. "Lean Genes" and the Lean Gene Diet: an astounding, breakthrough new discovery!
Try the simple 10 Day Cure and the simple STAR steps and become lean, slim, vital and healthy for life.