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Until now, no diet has ever worked long term,

     without intensive daily exercise.  

"Weight Loss" is destroying your quality of life because in the "West" weight loss is always muscle loss. You cannot become or remain lean using these diets.
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Most that is published today on "weight loss" revolves around the same themes of diet and exercise but these methods do not work. The breakthrough new book "Lean Genes" explains why.
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 Fitness trainers and actors like Heidi Klum and Ryan Reynolds believe you need daily hours in the gym to become lean but this makes it far more difficult to maintain. Re-awakening natural "Lean Genes" means using less activity to become even super lean.
Lean Gene Diet
Homo erectus
"Lean Genes" 
- a newAustralopithecus theory that explains why body fat evolved and how it can be easily depleted. No modern diet is similar to the "Lean Gene Diet" because calories are not restricted and yet excess body fat drains off rapidly returning vibrant health in the process. (click images for more)

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The new theory of "Lean Genes" required many years of multi-disciplinary study. The author also visited groups world-wide with little or no health care and better health than we in the West. Women in  these  groups actually remain lean after bearing children and avoid most of the diseases common in the West.  The thesis describing these examples and "Lean Genes" has over 600 references. more
"Lean Genes" discusses the virtually unknown and little discussed medical phrase; "disability-adjusted-life-years." Westerners live  longer than those in other countries but here, adults become "disabled" after age 45, needing drugs and surgery to remain functional! 
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Doctors urged pregnant women for decades to gain 30 pounds. Obstetricians say make children eat even if they are not hungry. Your cholesterol is supposedly dangerous if elevated, yet those with lower cholesterol die younger. Billions spent annually on drugs like Vytorin now known to be worthless.  It is time you learned the truth about modern diet advice. In the book "Lean Genes" popular diet and exercise advice is exposed as being the reason we are sick and fat. Why is it people in certain areas of the world use diets doctors insist are bad for us yet are leaner and healthier despite little or no health care? Read the book "Lean Genes" and get lean and healthy for life, on your own.  Read more...
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Mark Davis developed diet and health food products for over 15 years. After gaining 50 pounds and being plagued with many illnesses, he left the food industry to pursue "Medical Anthropology," a field that allowed him to use research from many disciplines. He earned his master's degree developing the new theory called "Lean Genes." During his research he worked with hundred's of diet subjects to develop the breakthrough new "Lean Gene Diet" which can effectively and rapidly return anyone at any age to lean, vibrant health, while reducing exercise and not counting or cutting caloric intake.
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It is time for you to be lean again



Oprah Winfrey gave an eloquent presentation at the Academy Awards (2011) with inspiring words about how good going to the movies can make us feel. She presented for "Best Documentary" also reminding us that films teach us things and sometimes cause painful emotions. I think of this now as I work with so many people who truly "feel" the pain of excess body fat and unnecessary illness. With the "10 Day Cure" one does not need to fail one more day on the way to rapid leanness and amazing health. The goal is returning to "teenager" vitality and slimness and not just dropping a few pounds. We do not need to "feel" the depression that is so common with the condition I teach is caused by Western diet advice. On the "Lean Gene Diet" we do not count calories and aerobics are forbidden.

As I continue to work with clients on Diet Island using far off places to separate them from everyday habits, I ask Oprah to think about joining me to create a new and real "Diet Island." With my clients walking becomes so enjoyable body fat drains away and the foods available on virtually every part of Diet Island can be eaten without limit. If you have read the book "Lean Genes" you know why people regain lost weight so rapidly. Unless you can exercise vigorously for one hour or more per day like Bob Greene and other practitioners advocate you will regain lost weight and usually much more. It is actually healthier to lose body fat rapidly rather than slowly with the exercise and diet regimens prescribed by most doctors, fitness trainers, nutritionists and dieting "experts." The book "Lean Genes" describes how to naturally increase the hormone production that makes you slim and rejuvenates your skin and body at the same time.... without exercise!



On the "Lean Gene Diet" we do not count calories and aerobics are forbidden as stated many times, however fresh fruits and vegetables can be a dominant source of snacks and meals. The Japanese and many other populations that are very slim and much healthier than Westerners despite less and often no health care, almost always follow their dinners with fruit, and lots of it. After dinner, even if you are not using the "Lean Gene Diet" try snacking on a huge bowl of fresh, cut-up fruit of any kind. Fuji apples and pears are best but bananas, berries and any other fruits are great. Eat no less than the equivalent of two large Fuji apples but do not eat anything else before bed and eat as much as you want. Don't add any dips or caloric beverages. You will experience amazing results. Try to steadily reduce your dinner to mostly whole proteins or mostly fruits and vegetables, then snack as described above for faster results. Most studies quoted by the experts are challenged by researchers and proven false after several years or sometimes decades. Yet responses that flood academic journals soon after "press releases" announce so-called firm conclusions are almost never reported on. New studies are often proven wrong shortly after they become accepted by so many professionals.



Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz, a clinical professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and an endocrinologist at the Hospital de Clinicas Caracas in Venezuela, has presented research (published by HealthDay on June 19, 2008) claiming a big breakfast brings big weight loss. The first piece of data that raises a "big" red flag is the low-carb diet of 1,240 calories per day in the study brought only 1 pound of weight loss per month for 9 months. This is virtually impossible with an obese person, as the water weight alone would easily result in losing 9 pounds during the first month. The results contradict thousands of published studies and borders on the ridiculous. The "sedentary" obese women in the study who ate half their daily calories in the morning, lost less than five pounds per month, meaning they will never reach a lean body on this diet (since this is not a new idea, if it really worked we would all know it). In other studies, a large breakfast triggers larger and more frequent meals all day and weight gain. In the book "Lean Genes" the author explores why so many diet studies conflict with each other and confuse dieters more. 


On Sunday, April 20, 2008, the CBS News program "60 Minutes" broadcast a report on individuals who have had diabetes cured by having Gastric By-Pass Surgery ($100,000). Interestingly, the doctors proved that diabetes is cured immediately after the operation, not after normal weight is achieved. The report also discussed the number of cancers prevented. If you have read the book "Lean Genes" you already know that the author, Mark Davis, stood alone claiming diabetes is not caused by extra weight, which has been the prevailing opinion for decades, but high-insulin producing foods and food combinations. The disabling of "Lean Genes" also occurs due to "proteolysis" or the erosion of lean body mass. The author of "Lean Genes" claims the "Lean Gene Diet" cures diabetes, obesity and most common chronic diseases, allergies and ailments and leads to leanness. Notably, the news segment on 60 Minutes confirmed the objection stated in the book "Lean Genes" that people having Gastric By-Pass Surgery rarely become lean again without exercise. Without returning leanness they will still succumb to diseases and die younger. They also have higher rates of suicide because they are still eating foods discussed in the book "Lean Genes" that cause depression. 


Since the 1990's studies have demonstrated a genetic feedback mechanism between fatty tissue and the hypothalamus which enforces a lean body type in mammals. When these lean genes are disabled, overeating due to constant hunger results in obesity. The book "Lean Genes" describes how eating certain ways incapacitates lean genes. A new study from Merck supports this, showing how overeating disables entire networks of genes that prevent heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic describe "normal weight obesity" and how normal weight may be meaningless if body fat percentage is high. To those who have read the book "Lean Genes" this is not new or breakthrough. The science of "Lean Genes" is based on the principle that out of control obesity has been promoted by the inaccurate tracking of dietary of progress by means of "weight scales." Accurate body fat measurement shows that most popular diets all cause more muscle loss than body fat loss, which traumatizes protective brain mechanisms. Weight scales show weight declining, forcing dieters to continue to follow bad advice. The "Lean Gene Diet" causes body fat to disappear faster than any other diet but lean body mass increases despite little or no exercise.


Forget about buying that new hybrid car. Nothing would do more to conserve energy and save the environment than applying the "Lean Gene Diet" in the lives of people in the West. Can you imagine the impact on the world if all of us felt completely full and satisfied on half of our current caloric intake? The elimination of certain packaged foods, thousands of drugs and devices we currently believe are essential, would simply save the planet. Using the foods in the "Lean Gene Diet" will not only eliminate and prevent dozens of diseases for which we spend billions in medical procedures but billions of dollars would be saved by eliminating the huge waste involved in shipping and packaging worthless foods and needless calories. This is no spartan lifestyle because you eat all you want and also treat yourself to your favorite foods but the effect on the planet by using this program 90% of the time would literally go beyond any environmental program anywhere! With the "Lean Gene Diet" people are encouraged to discontinue supplements, expensive foods and worthless medicines because the diet is a healing and immunity diet.


Drugs are great, right? From the time we can walk we are taking pills for everything. This attitude does not exist in cultures where there is little disease, obesity or health care. If you were a young child and everyday someone filled your head with beliefs about how vulnerable you are, how sick you will be and how much you need medicine, you would believe it. This belief would make you the sickest, weakest and most drug-dependent child in the world. That is what doctors, experts, drug and food advertising is doing to us everyday. Telling us every little symptom is an ominous sign of some disease and how much we need lots of drugs and special foods. We are hypnotized into becoming weak, sickly adults. If you believe the remedy for your ills and problems is a drug, be it legal or illegal, you will lose your power to become well on your own. You will become vulnerable to every virus floating around and more serious diseases. The mind is so powerful that if it believes it is subject to disease it will create disease or allow them to be created. Read the book "Lean Genes" and learn how you can take back your power to be happy, lean, healthy, creative and successful again. Turn off those messages from drug and food companies that say you need them because you don't.